Jul 13, 2005

To Bare or Not To Bare

I had to go shorts shopping last night. Ugh.

Having reached the age of 35 without giving birth, I'm blessed with a lovely slim figure and a terrible shorts dilemma. Do I shop in the grown-ups section, where the shorts are too big for me and look...umm...dowdy, or do I face the indignities of shopping in the juniors section when I'm obviously NOT a junior and the only choice is short shorts that bare a bit more jiggly thigh than I'd really like to expose to the world?

I've been avoiding this dilemma for a couple of years by wearing the same old ratty shorts everywhere and hoping no one would notice. But we're going to the beach this weekend and it's going to be hot and we'll be there for 2 days and I HAVE to have a change of clothes or someone will definitely notice that I always wear the same old ratty shorts everywhere.

I started in the grown-ups section, where, of course, the shorts were too big and made me look dowdy. They were simply unbearable. I went to the juniors department, where I found a couple of pairs that actually covered my butt plus another inch or two. They were really pretty cute as long as I stood still so the thighs didn't jiggle. I told myself I'm gonna bare the thighs to go swimming anyway. I went out to show Dave and he thought they were cute and he didn't mention the thighs. So ok, I went ahead and bought the Daisy Dukes. What can I say, I still favor fashion over modesty...

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Elle said...

I'll be honest...I haven't worn shorts in about 5 years.