Feb 21, 2008

A daisy day

I've been telling friends that the last 3 weeks of my life have reached the level of ridiculous on the stress meter, but then I remembered that right before that I had the evil sinus infection/horrid rash combo. Sheesh!

But yesterday, yesterday was a lovely daisy of a day. I got an offer for a great job that I think I'm really going to enjoy. The offer brought resolution to more than a year of uncertainty and stress in my life. And I found out that I will definitely be able to attend Artfest in April! I signed up and paid for Artfest in September to give myself something to look forward to, but whether or not I could actually attend has been one of the many uncertainties swirling around me.

So what's a girl to do to celebrate? Shopping of course! Even more loveliness awaited me. I found some cute shirts and pants and I had to buy smaller sizes than I originally tried on! This despite the fact that my workout routine has gone horribly off track lately. I will have to start exercising again to ensure that I will be able to keep wearing my new clothes! And then I found this book:

M. Joan Lintault Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles. The pictures alone are worth the cover price; the in-depth, insightful thoughts Ms. Lintault shares about her artistic process...well, let's just say I can't wait to spend a long afternoon absorbing this book.

I finished off my daisy day standing outside gazing at the eclipsed moon. Lovely and amazing.

Feb 3, 2008

Taking a break

I'm taking a little break this morning. A break from the crippling weather...a break from the crazyness of life this past week.

I'm taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine...and the quiet. A moment to hang out with my cat.

Soon I'll head back to the hospital where my dad is recovering from open heart surgery. He is doing very well, but this came as a shock to all of us. Of course it coincided with an already hectic and draining week and with some of the worst weather of the last 40 years. But such is life. The crazy teaches us to appreciate the quiet.