Oct 28, 2007

You can't always get what you want...

but it sure is nice when you get cookies! Especially yummy spiderweb and pumpkin and ghost and BLACK CAT cookies!

I was having such a good day yesterday. I got some work done at the house in Cheney, I had a nice lunch with my friend Shadan at Chili's, I found this book:

I got two pieces of mail: the new issue of Gourmet magazine and a package from Aunt Susie full of the excellent Halloween cookies pictured above and a pair of black cat socks. And when I got in the car after lunch, Jake Locker immediately threw a 99-yard touchdown pass.

Good things were happening. It was a GOOD day. I just knew my Huskies were finally going to win a Pac-10 game. But no. I was wrong. Once again, a loss at the very end. Drat!

Oct 16, 2007

Feeling Fall-ish

I'm generally not a big fall fan. I'm all about summer and fall is when all the lovely sunshine and heat and flowers and bright colors go away. But there are a few things about fall that I really like:

Halloween. When I was a kid, it was all about the costume and the candy and the running around town trick-or-treating with my friends. Now, well, how could I not love a holiday that provides a perfectly acceptable excuse to wear bright orange shirts with black cats on them? So here's a little Halloween-y collage I just finished. It's 8" by 5.5".

Football. Favorite. Sport. Ever. Football is all wrapped up with happy memories of childhood and family and my dad. We are both obsessed and can discuss our Huskies for many happy hours.

Socks. Now generally, my feet just want to be free. But they are also smallish and way down at the end of my longish legs and they get cold. Snuggling into a cute new pair of socks for the first time each year is as much fun as painting my toenails bright red for the first time in the summer.

See, it always comes back to summer. But I'll go ahead and enjoy fall in the meantime.

Oct 8, 2007

Yes Kitten, I agree...

Sometimes you just gotta stop and take a nap.