Dec 12, 2006

Holiday Colors

This is my current favorite holiday color combination. Love the cream and the soft pink and maybe a touch of gold. If I were going to decorate, I might use these colors. Instead I'm just making these little cards and ornaments. Yesterday someone at work asked if the ornament was a Christmas cookie. Sorta looks like it, yes?

This combo is running a close second. I had to run out to Ben Franklin to buy these after an idea for a little Christmas-y quilt popped into my head. A quilt I have no intention of even trying to finish before Christmas, so don't even ask. A fun little quilt that I will work on in January because it's fun and the colors make me happy.

Here's another possibility that's intriguing. Wouldn't a mix of these colors make a pretty pile of packages? (as well as some nice alliteration?)

Dec 3, 2006

OK, so it hasn't been all trashy novel-reading

Here's the little postcard-size piece I made today. It's collaged and painted paper, cut up and sewn onto a felt backing. I love the look of the collaged/painted paper and haven't been successful in translating that look to fabric. So today I finally decided to just sew the paper. It was surprisingly soft and pliable once I fused it onto the felt. I will definitely do more of this!

Dec 2, 2006

Winter Wonderland

I pretty much detest winter, but I have to admit I was enchanted when I stepped outside this morning and discovered the spell Jack Frost cast overnight:

I had big plans to work in the studio today but then I slept for 12 hours straight and woke up feeling swarmy (my college roommate's term for that time when you aren't sick but you can feel the germs swarming around trying to make you sick). So now I'm thinking that instead there will be a lot of trashy-novel reading, soup eating, juice drinking and some simple handsewing on those quilt blocks I posted earlier this week.