Jul 6, 2005

Adventures with Senior Pictures

Ash had her senior pictures taken last night and an interesting time was had by all. Her appointment was at 6 pm. Dave had given her strict instructions to start getting ready at 9 am. She started at 1 pm. She called me in a panic at 4 pm: I left my makeup at my moms! My face is peeling! My scalp is peeling! My toe looks horrible! I don't know what to wear!

I slipped into my calmest mom voice and told her I'd run her to the Ben Franklin for makeup when I got home, to go wash her face and hair again, no one is going to take pictures of her toes, set out several outfits, include sweaters, jeans and skirts and we'll sort it out from there.

When I got home at 5:30, Dave was sitting on our bed, shaking his head and muttering: She doesn't have seven outfits picked out! I told her to start getting ready at 9!

I bundled Ash into the car and raced down to Ben Franklin. She continued to freak out in the car: I don't know what to wear! I forgot to put my track medals on my letterman's jacket! What's that red line on my chin!

Home again, I assured her that her giant bag full of clothes would be ok, grabbed a bag full of medals and a box of safety pins and told her to put concealer on the red line. All three of us jumped in the car at 5:55 and raced out to Mystique.

Mystique Photography is superfantastic! Lori is fun and friendly in addition to being a wonderfully talented photographer who is very creative with shots and settings (really, click on the link and go look at her work!). She had my nervous wreck of a daughter relaxed and laughing within minutes. The two of them were having so much fun that Dave and I decided we wanted Lori to shoot our senior pictures. Once I was finished pinning the 21 "best" medals on the letterman's jacket, I went outside and wandered the studio gardens with Sadie, the terrifically friendly 10 month old black lab studio puppy. It's an amazing place, overgrown gardens, pine trees, benches, old bits of fence, old trucks and farm implements, arbors, an old barn, wheat fields, even a small waterfall and pond. There's no need to travel for outdoor shots, Lori has an amazing array of settings just outside the studio door.

When we were at Ben Franklin, the cashier told AshLee that everything had already gone wrong that was going to and now her pictures would be perfect. I think she was right. I can't wait to see the proofs!

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Elle said...

Tell Ashlee that photographers can do wonderful things for senior pics so she shouldn't worry. A few days before I took mine, my brother and I were playing croquet and I got too close as he swung his mallet. I pretty much had a small hole in my chin! With makeup and retouching, you couldn't tell at all!