Mar 30, 2008

There's no place like home

Be it ever so snowy. I was so happy to get home Friday night that I didn't even mind this icky blanket of cold-and-wetness. After a completely ridiculous week in which I started a new job AND cleaned the rest of my junk out of the garage so we could close early on the sale of our house, I packed my bags Sunday night and went to Olympia for a week of new-job training. And if you think that was a run-on sentence, try living it. Sheesh!

The trip had it's ups - a wonderfully restorative lunch hour spent at the Scarlet Empress, an early evening spent at Shipwreck Beads (holy cow people! this place is HUGE!!!), a lovely family birthday party for cousin Ryan, a fun, interesting class packed with good information. The trip also had its downs - cold, snowy (!) weather and me in lightweight business clothes, a stinky rental car with no ice scraper, a pervasive feeling of exhaustion, reports of a depressed cat waiting for me at home. On balance it was a good week, but I just wanted to go HOME.

Yeah right. When I got to the airport my flight was already delayed over an hour due to weather. Then there was a maintenance issue with the plane. Then we boarded. Then we sat and watched maintenance guys in baggy yellow rain pants climb on and off the plane. Then we got off the plane and went back to the terminal. Then we got on a different plane. Then we sat and watched the baggy yellow rain pants guys get on and off that plane. Then we got off that plane and stood waiting in the freezing cold tunnel place. Then we got back on the first plane. Then we sat and watched the baggy yellow rain pants guys get on and off that plane. Finally we took off, still under the threat that if we couldn't land in Spokane due to the weather, they would bring us back to Seattle. Noooooo! There was giddiness and cheering when we landed in Spokane. I didn't even mind having to clean all the snow off my car. After all, at least I had an ice scraper.

Mar 7, 2008

I'm it.

Sheila tagged me a while ago to list 7 random things about me. So here goes:

1. I don't like coffee. Or really anything bitter. Dark chocolate and some vegetables are challenging.
2. Pistol is the first cat I've ever lived with. I used to think cat people were a bit crazy. Now I get it.
3. I like lots of light. I don't really get the whole dimmer switch concept.
4. I have a law degree but I don't practice law.
5. I've been left-handed from the cradle. Mom says anything placed in my little baby right hand would be immediately switched to the left hand.
6. I surround myself with bright color, but I prefer to wear neutrals.
7. I like the process of sewing by hand a lot more than the process of sewing by machine.

I have another one of these deals from Judy so stay tuned for more random quirky stuff.