Nov 30, 2007

Yep, definitely crazy...

This is the view from my closet. It's pretty here even when it's cold and snowy. The crazy part? I've been jogging. 5 miles this week. In the snow. With a Marine. Definitely crazy.

My friend Thomas started a 2100 club at work. The idea is to run 100 miles and do 2000 calisthenics (pushups, situps, squats, jumping jacks, etc.). There's a chart in the lunchroom to mark your progress. It felt REALLY good to mark off that first 5 mile box. And it turns out you don't get cold when you're running.

Nov 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went for a short jog on the trail this morning. Lovely. Yes, it's cold and I'm a little bit crazy. I was going to do the turkey trot with some friends but one woke up with a terrible cold and the other accidentally refroze her turkey. I was already half-bundled so I headed out for some fresh air and exercise.

I have so much to be thankful for this year, most of all my amazing family, the support of my wonderful friends and my funny sweet little cat who makes me happy every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 16, 2007

Dress #2

Here's another dress. #3 is on the painting table. Having lots of fun with these.

Nov 12, 2007


Sheila tagged me for this creativity meme. Go check out her Angel of the Rock quilt - it's really lovely.

1. When did you start and make craft?
I was always puttering around with something. Latchhook, candlewicking, making elaborate Barbie "houses" that took up the whole living room. At the same time, I was really bad at art in school and really good at most of the other subjects, so despite the puttering, I had this idea that making stuff wasn't my thing. Then when I was about 22, I decided to crochet a blanket for my new baby nephew. I loved it and after that I never questioned the need to create.

2. Why did you start creating?

I don't know. My mom is very talented and was always making stuff so maybe part of it was wanting to be like her. Looking back now I can see that there are a lot of very creative people on both sides of my family, so maybe it's just hardwired into my brain.

3. Why do you create?

Partly because I have to. I guess it's the hardwiring...I get itchy and cranky if I'm not making something. Also I find working with my hands to be very soothing and I love the "in the zone" feeling I get when I'm totally focused on creating something. Making something that "looks cool" is a tremendous rush and something I get a lot of satisfaction from. Creating has become such an integral part of my identity that it's hard to step back and analyze the why.

4. What do you create?

Quilts, embroidery, mixed media collage/paper quilts, delicious meals and baked goodies, home dec stuff, a bit of knitting and crochet, whatever strikes my fancy.

5. How has this changed since you began crafting?

I define when I began crafting as making the baby blanket for the nephew because that's when I really began crafting with intention. So back then I crocheted a lot and then I did a lot of cross stitch and then I did a lot of traditional quilting. The main difference is that I used to be happy using patterns and now I prefer to make it up myself. Same thing with cooking - I used to be content just following recipes, but now I consider a recipe to be just a suggestion. Also, having done this stuff for a while now, my skills have naturally developed to the point that the finished product is usually much closer to the initial idea than it used to be.

I'm tagging Melissa and Jenn and anyone else who feels like doing this meme. Please leave a comment if you do.

Nov 6, 2007

Dress #1

7" by 9". Mixed media collage? Paper quilt? Not sure what to call it, but this is what I've been trying to achieve - a combination of the painting/collage/paper with the embroidery/embellishment. Simple and whimsical, but with depth and texture. I left the edges unfinished so I can make more of these and stitch them together into a quilt.

Nov 4, 2007

I needed a hat

to wear for the First Friday artwalk downtown. It's November now, time to put away the cute sandals and bundle up in cute hats. I found this supercute crochet pattern by Melissa Rotert and whipped it up with a skein of Angel Hair yarn that's been hanging around for a while.

The galleries in downtown Spokane hold their opening receptions the first Friday of every month, so I bundled up and headed out with my friends Bridget and Carol to see the sights. These are postcards from 2 of the shows. On the left is a clay tile piece by Alice Fairbanks-Wilcox called Still Want to be Desired, showing at the Kolva-Sullivan Gallery. I love this piece and was very happy to see it was on the postcard. On the left is a collage of works from The Mask Show at Artisan's Wares. Lots of fun, whimsical masks by some of my favorite local artists, including Rik Nelson who makes amazing art from post-consumer recyclables.