Jul 3, 2005

Learned a new trick!

OK, this is really simple, but I'm totally impressed with myself and my cool results. I've been printing images for this experimental little quilt I want to make. A lot of the images are newspaper clippings (yeah, I know, I promise to call the photographers for permission if it ever leaves my house) that look kinda old and faded. I want to collage them with photos we took with the digital camera. It's been bugging me that the digital photos are so bright and colorful. I want the quilt to look old and faded like the newspaper clippings. I've been reading Lesley Riley's book Quilted Memories and remembered that she suggested that you can get cool results by messing with the hue and saturation in Photoshop. So, I turned the hue way up and the saturation way down and got a photo that blends in perfectly with my newspaper images. Results posted below!


Caitlin said...

Hey, good job! Have you tried just photocopying the picture on a carbon toner machine? You can then do simple transfers with just turps...

melissa said...

I just saw someone post recently about using paint shop pro and in changing to greyscale, then bringing the color back in. I wish I had bookmarked the blog. I tried playing with PSP to get that affect, but I can't seem to focus tonight. Sepia tones would work too.

I have some old letters and photos that I am planning to scan and do something similar (that you are with Ash's clippings). Have you thought of maybe overdying in tones of brown (after reducing to a grey or sepia scale)?

This is getting long, but with Julie's bag o' stuff quilt, I wanted to do this as well. I wasn't successful with getting out the result in my head that I was wanting, but as you know my direction changed a few times with that quilt.