Mar 31, 2007

Little things

I've been playing around with some little things. This is collaged and painted paper. I've also been playing around with some embroidery. The next challenge is to combine the two. I have some ideas about that.

I've also been doing some little tasks. Like weeding out the 8 gajillion pounds of clothes I moved into this house 4.5 years ago and promptly never wore again. And I've been to the recycling center twice today. The second time I remembered to take a picture of this big collage they have hanging from the ceiling. It's made of recycled stuff. Cool, huh?

The recycling center is on the wrong side of the tracks. And I got stuck for a minute on my second trip. But I'm taking time to appreciate little things. Like sunshine, tulips poking up in the yard, how sparkly my car looks since I went through the carwash on Wednesday. And this opportunity to photoblog while I waited to get back across the tracks.

Mar 19, 2007

Welcome Baby Darrin!

Hurry and go over to Melissa's blog to see the newest addition to her family. He's completely beautiful! Congratulations Devin family!

Mar 6, 2007

Great Victories

Mighty Adventure Cat Stalks Dangerous Bumblebee. 21" by 20". 2007.

Whew! It REALLY hasn't been the greatest couple of months around here. It's actually been among the worst. So it feels like a major accomplishment to get this little quilt finished, sleeved, labeled, de-cat-haired, photographed and ready to deliver for the Imagination Unleashed contemporary quilt show in Spokane this Saturday. This sucker has about 457 French knots, most added in the last 3 days. (OK, I made up that number, but there's a LOT of French knots!) My poor little fingers are sore, but I think the results were worth it.