Dec 30, 2007

So, um, my hair turned curly.

Nope, not a perm. Totally. Natural. Ringlets. You must understand that I'm a stick-straight hair girl from a family of stick-straight hair girls. Oh sure, I've developed some annoying cowlicks the past few years, but it was a shock when I didn't bother to style it one Saturday a few months ago and discovered this. It's weird, but in a nice way.

Dec 17, 2007

Dec 12, 2007

This is my kind of bag...

For making at least. Just decorate a square (in this case quilted with perle cotton), fold up the corners and sew them together, and tack some ribbons on for a handle. This is my take on the Kemshall's bag project in Quilting Arts Gifts. It's a gift for a friend and I'm just delighted with how it turned out. In fact, I accidentally told her I wanted to keep it for myself. Oops. OK, what I really meant was "I want to make another one just like it for myself." She took this one home at noon to keep it safe.

Dec 8, 2007

Merry and Bright

So, as it turned out, I actually cleaned up a bit and put up the Christmas tree. Shocking. I haven't put up the tree since I've had Pistol (full disclosure: I've been pretty grinchy the past few years). But I decided since this is a Year of Change, I'll try to change my attitude about Christmas. Now we just have to wait and see about Pistol's attitude.

So far he's just watched. And then he got bored and passed out on the clean laundry pile. But I've added lots of shiny toys while he's been sleeping...

This is really a win-win for me. I'll either have the pretty tree to enjoy or I'll have a good story of kitten hijinks to tell. Maybe both?


Look at this gorgeous scarf! My excellent friend Shadan made it and wore it on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, mom and I drove out to the home of Elise Bozzo (hope I spelled that right!). Elise is a doll artist who has been crafting and collecting for years and years. She has 9 Christmas trees decorated with handmade ornaments. This is the Santa tree:

She also has angels, snowmen, Raggedy Anns, teddy bears and more. Elise's home is completely and beautifully decorated for the season and each piece has a story.

All this loveliness is inspiring me. Will I work on things in progress? Will I start something new? Will I clean the house so I can put up my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Perhaps a bit of each...

Dec 4, 2007

Royal Quilt Tester

Thanks for the help Pistol, but this quilt is for the Divine Miss Mina, not for you!