Jul 5, 2005

Ocean theme Paper collage for True Colors-type exchange. NOT something I worked on this weekend, just something that's ready to go in the mail. I DID work on several things, including embellishing a Bag o' Stuff quilt I'm making for my friend Melissa. I can't show pics of that yet 'cause Mel reads this. I just have to attach a few more things and bind it. I also finished the silver outlining on my Straight and Narrow piece, drew the vines and started embroidering them. I bought some acetone nail polish remover to try toner transfers, but all I used it for was cleaning up my toenails so I could polish them again. So my toenails are a lovely bronze color and maybe I will try a toner transfer this week sometime.  Posted by Picasa


lizzieb said...

Boy, have you ever been busy! This is fun!

melissa said...

cool collage! oh come on... you know you want to show images of the bag o' stuff challenge :-) I need to finish up mine. I am planning to have it done this month :-)