Feb 19, 2007

Stripe-y goodness

Look! I'm alive and creating! (synonyms? I think so...) I figured out how to purl! And how to make yummy stripes!

Speaking of yummy stripes, I'm completely in love with the ripple blanket that Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy is making. Every time she posts a picture I want to go down to the garage and pull out the yarn stash. Except that my yarn stash does not contain those yummy colors Alicia's using. And my yarn stash is from back in the day when most craft stores offered a choice between icky scratchy acrylic and nasty scratchy acrylic. And I need another project like I need another hole in my head. So...I'll just keep admiring Alicia's ripple-y goodness.

I have been puttering around at one crafty thing or another all weekend. There's even been quilting:

I've promised a new piece for Sew Uniquely You's contemporary quilt show March 10, so I finally got busy quilting and embellishing a fused top that's been hanging around for a while. Hopefully I've worked up enough momentum to keep up with the making. I missed it.

Feb 5, 2007

It's been months since I posted a silly cat photo...

So here's the little guy checking out the frozen tundra. He's an indoor kitty who goes out in the morning to get the paper and he's NOT supposed to cross the street, but this was just too funny and I couldn't resist snapping a photo before I grabbed him and threw him back in the house.

Thank you so much to the folks who have left such kind and supportive comments this last month. I'm still not creating much (although I did learn to knit - scarves are nice and mindless). I have ideas and I think about making things but I just don't have a lot of gumption these days. Hopefully soon, and in the meantime, well, I'm getting a lot of episodes of Alias watched.