Jul 12, 2011

fruits of summer

One of the many things I love about summer is all the yummy fruit. Mmm, berries and peaches!I had peaches that were on the verge of too ripe (that's what happens when your eyes are too big for your tummy when it comes to buying all that wonderful fruit!), so I made a crisp. There was a container of raspberries that needed to be eaten too, so I threw them in on top.

I like a super-simple crisp, no goopy brown sugar or spices that overwhelm the taste of the fruit. Mix 1/4 cup butter with 1/3 cup each flour, white sugar and oats. Bump it up to 1/3 and 1/2 cups for a bigger crisp. A couple of dabs of butter on the fruit before the topping will help keep the fruit from boiling over the top. Sooooo delicious!

Sunday Mom and I went out to Greenbluff to pick strawberries. I have to confess that I'm not a big fan of the ginormous strawberries from California and Mexico that you get at the grocery store. They're ok, and I always buy some early in the spring when I'm craving some juicy red fruit. But it's always there in my mind that with a little patience I can have these little explosions of sweet juicy sunshiny flavor right off the bush. Heaven. This year it took a little extra patience as all our local fruit is running about 3 weeks behind, thanks to the endless cold rainy weather. Farm Chicks is celebrating Strawberry Week this week. Go check out the yumminess!

Gratuitous cute cat photo!

Jul 5, 2011

Painting summer

First, thank you so much for all the kind, sweet, tender comments both here and on Facebook. It was hard to post my story, but it was also very freeing.

Second, here's a little something I painted this weekend. I started with a nice layer of molding paste to make that yummy texture. I love the color too...feels like summer!