Aug 13, 2008

Big (shopping) weekend!

Here's a hint of where mom and I went this weekend:

Shipwreck Beads! They don't have a big sign, so the beaded sidewalk tells you you're in the right place. Here we are inside the store:

We look so happy! The store is bigger than it looks in this picture. It's bigger than I remembered. It's just really really big. And mom wants to say that they make really awesome BLT's.

Here we are at our second destination, Pacific Northwest Quiltfest

I was really pleased with the quality of the show this year. I only noticed a couple of traditional quilts that were made from well-known patterns and, of course, the workmanship on those ones was excellent. There was great variety in the art, pictorial and innovative quilts and more sophisticated use of all the cool techniques and embellishments than I've seen in the past. It seemed like design drove the use of techniques and embellishments more this year, rather than techniques and embellishments driving design.

The exhibit from South African quilters was definitely my favorite part of the show. This quilt, Blood and Fire by Jeanette Gilks really mesmerized me. I felt like it was worth the whole trip just to see this quilt in person.

Here's a closeup. Of course, pictures don't do justice to the incredible layers and details and symbolism of this quilt.

Oh yeah, and there were vendors. Do I really need to say more? ;-)

Aug 8, 2008

Here's last weekend's fun...

Now that I'm getting ready for this weekend's fun, I'm finally taking a minute to post a couple of pics of last weekend's fun. Two beautiful sunny colorful days of dying fabric with the Sew Uniquely You crew:

Here I am with my table buddies Pam and Becca. I think my favorite part was when they moved the table into the shade while I was busy doing something else. I turned around and my table had disappeared! LOL!

It was a great weekend: tons of fun and tons of beautiful new fabric to play with! (I'll post some fabric pics next week)