Jul 29, 2005

Happy Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Too!

Happiest of birthday wishes to my mom and my friend Julie today. Mom spent the day at the lake with a couple of good friends and Julie left bright and early this morning for a weekend-long quilting retreat, so I guess they're doing ok for themselves in the happy birthday department.

Also, happy 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday to my parents. My dad called me at work this afternoon to ask a favor. He had 48 roses ("They came in dozens") and the folks he bought them from had told him to cut the stems and put them in water. He didn't really know how he was supposed to cut the stems. I explained how to cut the stems. I assured him that roses are tougher than they look and he wasn't going to wreck them. I told him he is a good husband. Yay Dad and Happy Anniversary to both of you! You guys rock!

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