Jul 11, 2005

Sick and Tired

Not a lot getting done around here lately. I left work early Friday to go to the doctor with what I thought was an ear infection. Long boring story short, it's a gum infection instead and I'm on minor antibiotics and major painkillers.

I spent all day Saturday up at the stadium running like crazy selling concessions at the regional qualifier meet for the National Jr. Olympics. TONS of people from all over Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. Ash has been pretty fat and lazy lately and didn't run her best. Dave timed all day Saturday and part of Sunday. We're all happy to be finished with track for a while.

Sunday I mostly stayed in bed feeling crummy. I'm doing better today, still on painkillers waiting for the antibiotics to do their thing.

I did play a bit with embossing on felt, my results weren't completely successful. And I can't get a good picture right now. I'll try again later. I also signed up very late for Susan Sorrell's Fiber Collage class at www.joggles.com. I decided I needed another birthday present, not to mention some cheering up.

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ginger said...

Nicky, I am a dental hygienist and I encourage you to go to your dentist. If the infection is periodontal in nature the way to resolve this is to have it thoroughly cleaned out, and if they have a laser even better. Maybe you have already done this...and salt water is helpful..and I hope you feel better!!Ginger