Apr 22, 2007


Dyed my first two color run today with fuschia and lemon yellow. Love the mottling but it's still a bit too much for the project I'm thinking about. Must get over fear of stirring the fabric around. It's all good though...the other thing I learned today is that this project really wants straight gradations of pink and yellow. And just look at all the yummy stash stuffing I got in the process of figuring that out!

Apr 16, 2007

Alive and sewing

Well, actually embroidering. I love the look of heavily encrusted embroidery like this. I also love the look of collaged and painted paper. With some tips and inspiration from Sharon Boggon's Personal Library of Stitches class at Joggles, I think I've finally figured out how to combine the two looks. I sewed a grid onto my paper background and all of the embroidery I've added over on the right is done on the grid, without going through the paper. Figuring out how to stitch on the grid has been an interesting challenge and I like the results so far. Lots more stitching to do on this, but I'm having a lot of fun playing around with it.