Aug 30, 2007

My new pad

This is the new neighborhood. Lovely.

This window is in the studio and immediately became a favorite. The windowsills are nice and wide - perfect for kittens (or big giant cats who think they are kittens).

Love how the living room turned out - bright and fun.

The bedroom is quilty and cottagey and huge - this is just one corner.

Of course, now that I've pretty much got things the way I want them, I have to go get the rest of my junk from the house and mess it all up again.

Aug 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah, I know my birthday was 2 months ago. What's your point? I subscribe to Oprah's philosophy on this point: "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

So, I spread the celebration out and spent some birthday money on these two wonderful pieces by Debra Greenleaf Campbell.

These just make my heart sing. I purchased them on etsy and I'm just thrilled with how vibrant and wonderful they are in person.

I also spent some birthday money on a modest spree at Haberdashery, my favorite local needlework shop:

Yummy. I'm infatuated with the Caron Watercolors and Wildflowers threads and Haberdashery has a whole wall. The gals at the store know me as "the bright-color girl." ;-)

I'm busy getting settled into the new place and figuring out a new routine. The studio is about 80% unpacked, which turned out to be the perfect amount for me to quit unpacking and start playing.

Aug 9, 2007

The best part of moving is...

The boxes! And all the empty drawers and bookcases and other vaguely box-like shapes. So many places for a kitten to jump into!

Aug 5, 2007


I'm not really a bad blogger, I'm just a girl in the middle of moving house. Pistol and I are finally here with most of our stuff in our new place. I decided to rent for a year and take my time looking for the bright, funky cottage.

So here's a partial list of what I did yesterday, my first full day in the new place:

Went grocery shopping for the essentials (milk, juice, butter, ice cream, hmm, sensing a dairy theme here...I bought cheese too...)

Arranged the living room furniture

Went to the farmers market (corn, lettuce, blueberries, huckleberries, peaches, etc.)

Unpacked some books

Had Amir the cable guy in to set up the tv and explain how to set up the internet ($30 if they just give you the stuff and explain it vs. $100 if they actually set it up)

Scrounged through the kitchen boxes to find what I needed to make a yummy salad (romaine, huckleberries, gorgonzola, fresh garlic, balsamic and olive oil)

Took a nap

Drove to Cheney to get essentials that didn't make it on the first trip (computer keyboard, mouse and cords, grandma's antique bowl, the new Harry Potter, jeans and tank tops, adorable Steve Madden shoes, etc.)

Set up the computer and internet.

Took a walk, met several local squirrels. The new surroundings are really beautiful. I just wanted to amble along and absorb things yesterday, so I left the camera at home, but I'll take pictures soon.

So here's what I'm considering doing today:

Unpack more stuff


Read, sew, catch up on blogs.

Hmm, wonder which will happen?