Apr 21, 2008

Garden Party Dresses

Here's my excuse for not posting more about Artfest yet. I'm very busy making art! (OK, and I haven't gotten around to taking pics of the art I bought and the art I made.) But I have been busy finishing up this quilt. I'm calling it Garden Party Dresses and it's 21" by 27". And it has a sleeve and a label and it's going to hang in a show this weekend. That's me, right on time!

The show is Imagination Unleashed: Dreams and Illusions put on by Sew Uniquely You. Saturday and Sunday, the 26th and 27th at The Old Church Arts and Cultural Center, 405 William Street, Post Falls, ID. It's a contemporary/art quilt show and Anna has promised that my paper quilt won't be "that weird quilt made by that weird girl."

Pistol took an active helper cat role in finishing this up. Such a good little (gigantic) helper cat.

"You should definitely use this thread mom. It smells good." (Yes, he's the one who put the thread on the quilt block.)

"Hmm, and maybe some of these buttons. They look tasty!"

Apr 13, 2008

ArtFest 2008

So...umm...wow. I'm having a bit of a hard time being coherent about ArtFest. I use superlatives like wonderful and amazing a lot here at art:quilt:play. And that's ok, because I'm all about appreciating the wonder of everyday life. But ArtFest was something...more. ArtFest has a reputation for its great atmosphere, its creative energy, so I was hoping for a really cool experience. I got that...times 10.

It was magical. Yes, the classes were awesome and the setting is beautiful. But the atmosphere...Wow! There was such openness, energy, sharing, acceptance, understanding, friendship, freedom to be yourself. I lived completely in the moment for 3 full days. After all the stuff I've dealt with over the last year-and-a-half, I was so ready for this time and place. It felt like a miracle.

OK, enough babbling. This picture of me with new friends Kristie, Cheryl and Layla sums it up much better than I can. Just plain joy.

Apr 6, 2008

Exhilarated. Exhausted.

Home from Artfest. Unbelievably wonderful and amazing. Lots more later. Must take nap now.