Nov 29, 2010

The Library

I. Love. This. Room.

This is the third and smallest upstairs bedroom. Mom came up with the genius idea to turn it into a library. She was so excited by the idea that she came over and painted the walls a yummy dark green. And then it was fall and I was too busy to do anything more. But now I've painted the ceiling white (it was peach, of course) and polished the floor and moved some stuff in. And suddenly I have this warm cozy space where I could just sit all day, with or without a book. It's just dreamy.

Nov 4, 2010

Go read this.

My excellent cousin Nathan has started a blog, Nathan Explains Science. You should go read it. Really.

See, Nathan is a scientist and he's a really great writer. He makes things you've never heard of interesting and understandable and cool. AND he's also a political scientist (in addition to being a former astrophysicist) so he writes a lot of very cool stuff about why people act (and vote!) the way they do.

Have I ever told you how creative scientists are? Nathan and his brother Marcus (a physicist) are two of my favorite people to talk to. And it never ceases to amaze me how many parallels there are between the way they approach their work and the way I approach making art. At some level it's really all about exploration and curiosity.

So go check it out!

P.S. Pistol wanted to say: relvv xzaa
He just typed that.