Oct 29, 2005

Simple Still Life

Here's a current photo of my still-in-progress simple still life project for October. I've been fussing around with backgrounds all week. I tried some other colors, but I really want it to be monochromatic. The white background is too bleh and I've been thinking since Thursday that the dang thing was going to make me do a pieced background, but now I'm thinking some subtle surface design might do the trick. Also, now that I have that dark blue base, I might try a very pale blue instead of that white. But still some surface design to add some texture. Posted by Picasa


Debra said...

Now this is COOL. I agree the background is too stark. but maybe some pencil or stitching texture will bring it in line.

Karoda said...

How about an assortment of pieced white/cream as the background...but really, the vase, its shadow and the lace rock!