Nov 3, 2005

Here's the "bag of stuff" quilt I made for my friend Melissa (see her blog link in my sidebar). Three of us exchanged gallon-size ziplock bags filled with fabrics and other goodies and we had to use the stuff in the bag to make a small quilt. I sort of stumbled upon the "book" layout with the vertical strips on the left and the horizontal stuff on the right. I was thinking about adding more stuff to the left of the black strip, but I got this much sewn together and it just screamed at me to stop here. I really like this layout and it's showing up in some other things I'm working on. Oh yeah, and it really hangs straight, despite the picture - my design wall is full and I had to pin it up over something else for the picture! Posted by Picasa


melissa said...

I love it! I was surprised with the layout, even though I had no expectations with the fabrics I sent you. It was exciting to look from one area to the next, and I definitely rate the quilt a success, Nik! I can see you doing a series with this layout, I know I would be interested in seeing this :-)

It was fun to do this challenge, I'd love to do it again!

Deb R said...

Cool, Nikki!

I've done a couple of those baggo things..they're fun, aren't they!