Oct 15, 2005

Hey, I made a pitcher and it's shadow! Ok, so the process wasn't exactly rocket science, but I had the discipline and focus to follow through and actually make something from my idea and that hasn't happened for quite a while. Yay discipline and focus! Plus, I really like the results and I'm excited to keep working on it. Next step is to find a background and then I have to figure out how to quilt it. I'm stumped on the quilting...I want to keep the smooth texture of the pitcher to contrast with the texture I'm planning to add with the beading and embroidery. But it's kinda big (just the pitcher is 7 inches across) and part of me thinks I should quilt the heck out of it to make a stable base for the embellishment.  Posted by Picasa

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Karoda said...

The pitcher is really beautifl and calming in those blues.