Oct 9, 2005

Random thoughts on birthday girls, mice, quilt shows and happy songs

We celebrated AshLee's 18th birthday today with lunch at Red Robin with the grandparents. The Red Robin crew sang and gave her balloons and an ice cream sundae. A little while later a very sweet little boy (about 5ish) from the next table came over very shyly to tell her happy birthday. She thanked him and gave him her balloons. About a minute later one of the waiters came up and put 2 more balloons on AshLee's wrist and said "you're not getting off that easy sister!"

Moving on to the other child in the family, Pistol caught a mouse in the garden this morning. And miss bleeding-heart Nikki made him let it go. Yeah, I know, mice can get in the house. And cats are supposed to catch mice. I already got the lecture from Dave. And Pistol bawled me out pretty good too. I'll let him kill any mice that get into my quilts.

And with that rather lame transition, I'll move on to the Spokane quilt show, where I spent most of yesterday. I worked as a white glove lady in the morning and man, that is the job for me. They have pieces of paper hooked to the quilts for people to hold to look at the back of the quilts, so the white glove ladies are a bit redundant. But don't tell anyone that because I had a really good time wandering around the show visiting with all the people I hadn't seen in forever while I was busy white gloving. The show is put on by Washington State Quilters, the big (600+ members) Spokane area guild. There is no jurying and no judging and they finally added an art quilt category for the first time this year. So it's pretty traditional and there's a preponderance of brown and muddy stuff amongst the vendors. But this year I decided to just go enjoy it for what it is instead of being cranky about what it isn't. And there was actually a nice variety of fairly creative quilts this year. And I managed to buy some handdyes and some cowboy fabric and some handdyed valdani perle cotton for embroidery. And a nice print with very silly little black kittens and a book on dimensional embroidery. Oh yeah, and it made me want to make quilts again. Wouldn't that be a nice change?

Finally, some props for Dave. I'm always teasing him about listening to old sad bastard music (he bought a cd compilation today entitled "Executioner's Last Songs" - see what I mean?). So the other night he made me a cd of happy songs. Most of them have some sort of memory attached that's guaranteed to make me smile. Let me tell ya, it takes a lot of moxie to sandwich the Statler Brothers in between Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. Hats off to Dave.

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