Oct 25, 2005


I'm suffering some serious ipod envy. AshLee pooled her birthday money to get an ipod nano and then last week Dave got the new video ipod. I was perfectly fine with all this until Dave gave me his ipod to listen to on the drive to Seattle Saturday morning. Not only did I not have to listen to his old-sad-bastard-music, but I could listen to whatever I wanted without messing with a big pile of cds that constantly need changing. I could follow up 3 Greenday songs with 2 Etta James tunes and then jump to The Cure all at the flick of my thumb. It's amazingly wonderful.

You see, I love technology, but I'm essentially lazy about it. I love to take pictures, but I never did it before I got a digital camera. All that messing around with film? Can't be bothered. But the digital camera is a magical device that makes it all so easy. So is the ipod. Guess I'd better start saving my pesos.

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