Oct 9, 2005

Simple Still Life Plans

I think I'm actually going to make a quilt with this month's Simple Still Life image. I got the idea the other day in the shower (I get a lot of ideas in the shower...and on the bus...except I don't ride the bus much anymore...cars are bad for creativity...). Anyway, I'm thinking of a fairly straightforward portrayal of the pitcher and the shadow with lots of lovely embroidery and beading on those flowery decorative textured parts of the pitcher. I've been intrigued by this tutorial on the Embroiderer's Guild website for a long time. I'd like to try some combination of this and the type of bead collage work that Deanna Hartman does. Oh, and my brain is telling me that this project is going to be blue. Weird huh? So I had to go buy blue fabric and beads, 'cause I'm really more of a green person. Which would explain the green fabric and beads that slipped in there with all that lovely blue I bought. Hmm, sticking to just blue may be the most challenging part of this challenge!

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