Apr 15, 2005

Track Time!

It's once again time to live and breath track. I went to Ash's second meet of the year yesterday. Two meets a week for the next several weeks.

Yesterday's meet lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes and it was FREEZING. Literally freezing - we could see snow falling in the surrounding mountains. Ash won all her events, including a personal best time in the 100. She doesn't run the 100 much anymore, but she ran it for points yesterday and left the 400 for Lacey to win (and run a personal best in). All the girls did well and they won the meet.

AshLee is looking really strong this year. She told me she ran out of gas at the end of the 200 yesterday, but I sure couldn't tell from watching her. And even running out of gas, she ran a better time than she was running at the end of last year.

I forgot to take my camera and my stopwatch. Doesn't matter much since it was too cold to do anything but huddle under the blankets. Better to take the camera tomorrow when Dave will be there to take pictures since I don't have the first clue how to take action shots and he used to shoot sports professionally. :-)

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