Apr 18, 2005

a pretty good Saturday...for a teenager

What AshLee got on Saturday:

4 gold medals in track
1 Red Robin cheeseburger (plus fries and milkshake)
1/2 my large chicken caesar salad (once she was done polishing off her own lunch)
1 prom dress with matching purse and shoes

What Nikki and Dave got on Saturday:

1 tired, full, happy teenager

I'd post a picture, but she was looking a bit rough after the track meet...the consequences of posting a picture are too dire to contemplate.

I did spot a couple of loose beads on the dress, so she left it with me to fix. She informed me that I had 3 weeks and that I could just fix it up some evening when I got "bead happy". Kid knows me pretty well. ;-)

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Elle said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say welcome to the AQ Ring!!