Apr 1, 2005

I can always change the name, right?

I've been wanting to start a blog for at least a month and while I was busy procrastinating about it, my husband Dave went ahead and started one of his own: http://onehandloose.blogspot.com/.

That prompted me to begin the agonizing process of coming up with a name for my blog. Drawing a complete blank, I asked for help. Melissa, http://solje.thedevins.com/blog/, contributed lots of silly ideas that got me moving in the right direction. Deb, http://savedbyhisgrace.blogspot.com/, didn't know much about blogs, but started looking around and decided to create her own blog and managed to get hers up and going while I was still fretting about a name for mine.

So here I am, Friday night, any minute the teenager is gonna come home and kick me off the computer (for the next week! It's spring break), but I've finally managed to start my blog. Thank yous to Dave, Melissa and Deb for motivating me. More thank yous to Dave after he comes home and shows me how to make this thing look decent.

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