Apr 20, 2005

Book Attacks

After quite a nice period of reading mostly trashy novels, I started having book attacks this week. Book attacks happen when some fairly serious (or at least fairly well-known) book catches my attention and I have to find a copy and start reading it NOW.

It started Sunday after attending a private kickoff reception for Get Lit!, EWU's literary festival. The reception was very nice, but I really felt like a slug because of all the trashy novel reading. Well, not so much the trashy novel reading as the lack of reading anything halfway good for my brain. Must read something serious!

Monday the library was closed and besides I still didn't know what I wanted to read.

Tuesday I visited the book forum on the Get Crafty website to get some ideas. I made a list and headed to the library. My top 2 choices were Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and 1984 by George Orwell. The online catalog said there was a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide available. Available doesn't mean on the shelf...and it wasn't. I hate that. No 1984 either. While I was busy not finding the halfway serious books I wanted, I ran across 2 fluffy books I've been trying to find for several months: the latest Helen Fielding, Olivia Joules and the something I can't remember and Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking. I started Dead Witch Walking and I'm enjoying it, but it's not fixing the need to read something good for my brain. I requested Hitchhiker's Guide and 1984, but now I have to wait for the library folks to find them. I hate that.

So today I looked around online a bit and decided I should buy Original Blessing by Matthew Fox. I got the Matthew Fox idea from a comment on Gerrie's website. If you haven't yet, do go to Gerrie's blog to check out her Essence of Inhumanity quilt - very powerful. I went to the bookstore but they didn't have it. I went to the library but they didn't have it. I finally found it at a used bookstore near my office. And now my lunch hour is over and my brain will have to wait a few more hours. :-P

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Debra said...

Ok... my suggestion for a halfway serious book.. that's great reading:

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.

Or.. check my blog from today and see the books I'd take on an island. But first check the library for the book above.