Apr 18, 2005

My favorite room

Hello to everyone on the Artful Quilters Webring and thank you to Karoda and Lisa for the warm welcome. I made it through almost all the ring blogs this weekend and it's such an interesting group of people. I'm really happy to be here.

Diane, our ringmom, posed a new question yesterday: what is your favorite room in your house?

Shockingly lazy of me, but I must admit that my favorite room is my bedroom. It's blue and white which feels very peaceful and relaxing to me. I finally have the toile curtains I've always wanted. The bed is soft and cozy. There's a gigantic pile of books and magazines by the bed (AshLee gave me a lovely wicker basket for the book pile, but it's usually overflowing). I love to pile up the pillows and relax with my journal or a book at night before I go to sleep. It's also the place where I do a lot of cat cuddling as Pistol likes to sit on my chest for his petting sessions. If I'm too sleepy and try to ignore him, he gently pats my face to wake me up.

Dave says his favorite room is the living room because it has his giant TV, his Xbox, his movies, his guitar and his music and what more does he really need? LOL!

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