Apr 11, 2005

Stuck, Part II

I made the mistake of looking at the latest issue of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine yesterday. I was ready to sit down and relax after a couple of hours of yardwork and browsing through a new magazine full of wonderful quilts seemed like just the ticket. Except that when I started looking at pages and pages of wonderful, complex, BIG quilts I started to feel anxious and inadequate again. Because right now, much as I might want to, I can’t get my mind around even designing anything big. The really goofy thing is that "big" for me is about 30" x 30".

I managed to channel the anxiety in a positive direction and spent about 2 hours making the little piece posted below. And I like it and it made me happy. And it occurred to me that maybe part of the reason working small is so appealing to me right now is because I can finish my thought process on a small piece before I get distracted by real life. It also seems to be easier to just jump in and start messing around with something small – with bigger stuff I have this need to have a plan to fill up all that space.

Whatever the reason, anything bigger than a journal quilt seems intimidating right now. One thing I’ve learned about my quilting is that I’m not completely in control. The results are always better if I just go with what’s working instead of trying to force myself to stick to my original plan. The small stuff is working, so for now I’ll just go with it.


Karoda said...

Hi Nikki, and welcome to the AQ ring.

I work small too and large for me is the length of a yard stick. That is where I am at the moment given time and resources. I much prefer hand quilting but since my focus is practicing design and techniques, I'm much more interested in getting work completed. In time I'll get larger, but now isn't that time and I'm not going to fret it...stop beating yourself up over not creating "large" and just go for what you know and stay open to discovery. ;)

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Welcome to the artful quilters ring, Nikki! Just discovered your blog and it's fun!

Don't worry about working small. We each have our own scale and style. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone did the same thing? My hangup is jackets. Every time I think of a cool design I end up putting it on a jacket instead of a quilt. Argh!