Nov 7, 2005

At least we got apple pie...

The Rey family loyalty to our UW Huskies was put to the test this weekend. Or maybe it was all just an experiment to prove that we really are crazy. It felt an awful lot like a challenge on The Amazing Race:

You have to watch a football game. It's cold and there's a steady wind blowing in from the lake. You're seats are under cover, but it doesn't matter, because the wind is blowing the rain sideways and you're still going to get soaked. Your team is going to lose. Again. The family that can stay for the whole game and shut up the obnoxious fan from the opposing team sitting behind them wins...a homemade spaghetti dinner with apple pie for dessert! Plus warm beds and a dryer to dry out their wet clothing. Thank God for Aunt Sue!

But wait, there's more. If you don't get up and going early enough on your journey home, the interstate freeway across the mountains will close due to rock slide danger. You'll have to go back to the city and head north to the slower, higher, two-lane highway with millions of stoplights Stevens Pass to get over the Cascades. What you thought was going to be a 4 hour trip will take you almost 7 hours. Your prize? Well, the cat's happy to see you, although he's kinda pissed that you're so late.

It's a good thing we really like each other. We even had fun in a "we're completely insane" kinda way. The best part is, we're planning to go over again in 2 weeks!


Elle said...

Rock slide danger? Yikes. Reminds me of driving through the Mojave Desert w/my husband. You've got to like each other to make crazy trips like that, LOL.

melissa said...

How about Horizon Air? :-)) I was wondering if you made it home that night, or if you decided to go White or Stevens Pass. During my WSU-GO COUGS!- days, I remember heading east after a Thanksgiving only to find Snoqualmie closed (grrrrr). At least by the time we connected back to 90, we were the only car going to Pullman (which usually is a nightmare after holidays). This was the same day that the bridge fell into Lake Washington. Omens! :-)

Crimson and Grey, all the way! LOL!