Nov 16, 2005

Just coolin'

Pistol and I having our evening snuggle. I set it down for the picture, but last night we were reading Urgent 2nd Class by Nick Bantock.

I discovered a new store yesterday that will surely be bad for the budget. Haberdashery is a needlework shop with walls and walls of ultra-yummy hand dyed embroidery threads in silks and cottons and wools. I noticed it on the way to Sew EZ Too (across the street), where I was headed to pick up some rayon embroidery thread and some perle cotton. I love a good convergence of excellent stores. Plus, there's a guitar shop down the street so it's easy to convince Dave to stop! And since I was buying presents for me on my lunch hour, I also picked up the brand-new-just-released-yesterday Wilco album for Dave. Many wife points. Posted by Picasa


GO COUGS said...

yep! Pistol and Gracie must be related... that's her favorite position too! LOL!

Deb R said...

Pistol is huge and gorgeous!! You look pretty too. :-)

Elle said...

You and Pistol look toooo comfortable! Which is good!

Caitlin O'Connor said...

ROFLOL! Yep, anywhere with a DH friendly shop nearby wins points... years back, the big Sydney Quilt show used to run the same few days as the big Woodcraft show - in exhibition buildings next to each other. I loved it - all these couples kssing and splitting off to their own obsession show, no bother to the other!

Pistol is some cat!