Nov 13, 2005

What the heck happened to my garden?!?!

Evil horrible yuckiness. That's what we have here in the fine city of Cheney this morning. Icky icky snow. We hateses it. Time to mean...stay inside and quilt all winter. See how I'm trying to look on the bright side? Now if I could only convince Dave that he's the one who should go out in this disgustingness to get Starbucks... Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

Well the s**w (that's a bad word y'know!) looks pretty in the photo and makes a great background for the kitty, but I'm with you...YUCK!

It's pouring rain here today and I keep wondering when it will get cold enough for us to get s**w, but so far we've had a really warm fall. Knock wood.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

I didn't even SEE snow until i was 21 - and I must admit, my reaction was pretty similar to what I'm imagining Pistol is saying: "Ok, this is cold and wet, can I go back inside now?!"