Nov 17, 2005

I looked at my blog this morning and decided I'd better post something quilty before someone decides I'm running a black cat blog here. This little confection is 6" by 8" and is a practice piece for the bead collage/embroidery thing I want to do on my blue pitcher quilt. In this "in progress" photo, I've couched down a cord I made with two colors of fun fur yarn, done some padded embroidery in the center and started adding some larger beads. The plan is to fill in the whole swoopy shape with beads. I've been working on this on my lunch hour and discovered that the answer to the dreaded "what are you going to do with it?" question is simple: I'm going to mount it on black foamcore and frame it. Thanks Sonji!! Posted by Picasa


Deb R said...

Pretty embroidery. Yummy colors!!

Scrapmaker said...

This is a beautiful beginning. Makes me want to embroider something...Jen