Nov 27, 2005

Nikki's friend

I'm not sure these apple cinnamon flavored ones work as well as the wretched-tasting originals, but either way, Fisherman's Friend are the best for soothing the nasty raw itchy scratchy throat I've got going on today. All that screaming and yelling I did at the football game a week ago not only didn't help my Huskies in their quest to beat the icky cross-state rival Cougars, it also softened up my throat for a lovely virus. I spent Thursday and Friday sitting on my butt at my in-law's house and yesterday and today doing the same thing here at home. I've got a pretty weak croak for a voice...I couldn't even raise my voice to yell at the tv when the Seahawks really needed to tackle that darn Eli Manning today. No mom, I don't need to go to the doctor. Yet. I do need to figure out how to get Dave to go to the pub to get me a calzone when he gets back from the movies. Hmm, getting Dave to go out in the cold to get food seems to be a developing theme in this blog... Posted by Picasa

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Caitlin O'Connor said...

cinnamon and apple? CINNAMON AND APPLE? oh wow, I need to go look for those 0 the foul tasting originals work, sure, but CINNAMON AND APPLE?!?! Oh yeah!!
Wishing you a speedy voice recovery...