May 30, 2005

A weekend at home

Finally a free weekend at home. Track season was more intense than I had anticipated and I need to get back into a semi-normal routine and catch up on any number of things. So what do I do on the first two days of this long, lovely weekend? Go to a track meet and start a new quilt of course!

We took in the Washington 3A/4A eastern regionals on Saturday. We're not really THAT track obsessed. Really. It's just that it was our last chance to watch Becca Noble, one of the fastest 400 runners in the nation. She ripped off a 53.5, a full four seconds faster than AshLee's Idaho state championship time. Ash's time also ties for 2nd fastest in the state of Washington this year. Noble is in a class by herself. It was an impressive sight to see.

After the meet, we pigged out at Longhorn BBQ and then headed to Kimmel Athletic Supply, where AshLee had to collect on a debt. Back in March we were at Kimmel buying her a new pair of running spikes when she saw it. The Bag of Track Champions. She was in awe. She couldn't stop staring. She may have drooled. Her smart-aleck dad told her he'd buy her that bag if she won a state championship this year. Saturday he had to pay up.

Yesterday Ash and Dave went back into Spokane to shop for summer clothes. The minute they left I went straight to the sewing room where I started cutting and fusing shapes for a little quilt inspired by Mrs. Mel's fabulous article in the latest issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting. Because I have at least a dozen other projects that I should be working on and the last thing I need right now is to start something new. But this is just a fun little one that's been floating around in my head for a couple of weeks now and it felt great to get it out of my head and down in fabric.

Today I must bake huckleberry scones, do laundry, clear about 50 pictures off my digital camera and work in the yard. I'll try to fit all that in between sessions playing with my new little quilt project. ;-)

I usually go to the Cheney Memorial Day remembrance thing, but this year I just can't take listening to Mrs. Boots wax poetic about "our beloved President Bush". Gag. Plus, I'm still mad at her for making a really ugly comment about my husband's previous employer right in the middle of last year's ceremony. But those who've served our country will be close in my thoughts today, especially my grandfathers, who served in Europe in WWII, one as a paratrooper and one as a doctor.

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