May 1, 2005

Really Excellent Saturday Night

Dave and I went to the Kings of Leon show at the Big Easy last night. Kings of Leon is a great young band that just plays straight rock-n-roll (they do the song in the Volkswagon commercial where the young couple is dancing in their apartment and the old guy downstairs gets mad). It was so much fun to go out and dance to live music. The only negative was that they didn't play the mandatory encore, so the crowd, who really loved their set, left a bit disappointed.

The Big Easy is a small, general admission concert hall with a bar in the back. I decided I much prefer small shows like this, where you can stand 20 feet from the stage and dance all night, to big enormo-dome shows where the band looks about as big as the fingernail on my pinky finger. We barely go to concerts anymore, but after last night, I think I'll keep a closer watch on the Big Easy schedule.

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