May 6, 2005

3 Cheers for Catering

I had nachos at 10:45 this morning, so I'm free to update my blog on my lunch break. Nachos at 10:45 because today is seis de mayo, the great leftover festival. Cinco de Mayo is very big in my office, not because anyone is of Mexican origin, but because all us white folks really like Coronas and margaritas. So we had a yummy catered fajita bar for lunch and drinks in the afternoon. And leftovers today. 10:45 seemed like the optimum time to beat the lunch rush.

With a good snack this afternoon, I should be able to make it until the Nordstrom's gala shopping event thingie tonight, where I'll be able to pig out on deviled eggs and cheese terrine from Fery's Catering. I just paid off my Nordy's card...I'm really only going for the catering...really.

I haven't done anything this week except be sick with a horrid head cold. I stayed home in bed for 2 days and I was TOO SICK TO QUILT. I couldn't even sit up in bed with some applique. I'm not sure why Dave didn't call for an ambulance. I'm feeling much better now, although I wish someone would turn off the snot faucet in my head. Really, at the rate I'm producing this stuff it's a shame it can't be used as an alternative fuel source or something.

I was very conscientious and wore plastic gloves to make my nachos so as not to spread the germs. Everyone laughed and called me the lunch lady.

I did manage to make it to the North Idaho Meet of Champions (an "all-star" meet for all the schools in the region). Here's what the Spokesman Review had to say about Ash:

"Priest River junior sprint standout AshLee Rey beat talented fields in the 200 and 400. Her win in the 400 was the second week in a row that she topped defending 3A state champ Jamie Brower of Kellogg."

Actually, sitting at the meet was the best I've felt all week. It rained, but it was warm and there was no wind. Something about the moisture and the fresh air.

So I'm thinking I should go to my boss and say, "Excuse me, could I please go sit in the rain all afternoon? And could somebody please arrange some catering for that?"


Karoda said...

Too sick to quilt??? That is reallly reallllly sick...but maybe the snot will be the next new adhesive for quilters????

Hangeth in,

deb said...

Do you know that here in Georgia we actually have a Chinese-Mexican buffet joint called "Chinko de Mayo".