May 1, 2005

Really Excellent Friday Evening

Wow. AshLee ran completely out of her head at the Timberlake Invitational Friday night. Her goals this season were to run under 13 seconds in the 100, under 27 seconds in the 200, and under 60 seconds in the 400. She's going to have to set some new goals.

She started the evening with a 12.94 to easily win the 100.

In the 400, she had her second shot this season at the defending 400 state champion. AshLee's personal best was 60.03, her school record was 60 flat. She ran a 58.88 and won by at least 5 meters. When she heard her time, she jumped up, pumped her fist and ran to hug her coaches.

Finally the 200, and again, some very good competition. Ash's personal best was 27 flat, her school record was 26.5. She ran a 26.03 and again, won easily. When she heard her time, she literally fell to her knees in shock.

So, 3 new personal bests, 2 new school records, and, oh yeah, she was named Top Female Athlete of the Meet. We all agreed she gave us a pretty darn good anniversary present!

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