Sep 1, 2011

Testing blogger+ and 30 days of creativity

So I've been playing around making these bits and bobs and this morning I sat down and started putting them together. And that counts for day one of the 30 days of creativity challenge my friend and fellow artist Celeste called on me to join. If I can just make this blogger+ app work, I'll have an easier time blogging about my daily creativity.

Wish me luck or, better yet, join me!


Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your bits and bobs!
Beautiful....really like that
dreamy blue.
Bravo to you and your beautiful
heart for jumping in on the challenge.
September is a total challenge for me in other ways so I can't
come out to play this time
but am cheering you on!!!
You can so do this....stretch out
those lovely wings:)

celeste said...

so tell me more about these bits and the pendant something you made? is it polymer clay? I love the colours!!