Aug 12, 2011

feeling crafty

I've whiled away some very happy hours this summer working on some fun little crafty projects I've dreamed up. This little pillow was crafted from some old quilt scraps I picked up at a yard sale.

One of my bigger projects earlier in the summer was getting my guest bedroom whipped into shape. I had purchased a lovely vintage bed frame at an Angel's Attic sale last fall but it didn't have bed slats. So I bought some 1"x6" boards and used my power saw to make my own bed slats (girl power!). I cut one of the scrap pieces to just the right size for a little beach sign and painted up this pretty for my mantle.

Last weekend I finally picked out 4 of the beautiful fat quarters I've been collecting and actually made this little bag that I'm currently using as a purse/journal bag. It even has gussets and a magnetic snap! It was soooo fun to make!

I'm thinking about doing a little tutorial for the bag if I can figure out how to explain the gussets. Maybe one for the beach sign too?


MulticoloredPieces said...

Great projects! I especially like the pillow--it's an original design yet has an old-fashioned flavor. Very nice.
best, nadia

Jennifer Richardson said...

look at clever you!
I can feel the settledness
in your beautiful creations
...that peaceful place you
go when you're in the "zone":)
It's wonderful to sense the
beauty of your creativity.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Look at clever you!
I can sense your settledness
in the peace of your creations.
Wonderful when your heart shines
through your play like that,
isn't it:)

celeste said...

yes! tutorials please :)
I love the fabrics you chose!!