Sep 22, 2011

Days 20 and 21: Resolution

It's funny, this creativity thing, some days you do a bunch of work and don't have much to show for it and other days you're sick with a stomach bug and don't do much, but the little bit of fussing you manage looks good. Some of the bits and bobs resolved into reasonable compositions these past two days. Although I'm not so sure about that big flower, I think it's a little overwhelming.

This piece still needs a ton of work, but now I have a direction.

These pieces and some others I've been working on are a little different than my usual style and frankly I've been wondering what the heck I'm doing with them. So it was nice to also get a bit of resolution on that front as I recognized that I sort of have a series going on here, little composition exercises using elements that draw me in.


Dianne Forrest Trautmann said...

Nikki, I love these! Are they done on cloth or paper? How were the attachments done? did you stamp or transfer the white rabbit onto the book page on the tag on the second piece? (Are those real butterfly wings?) :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Isn't life funny that way.
So unpredictable.
I love that about it.
And love what you're doing
with your snippets of time:)