Sep 26, 2011

Days 22-25 of 30 days of creativity

I finished up this little piece, which mostly involved gluing things down. This is 8" by 8" collage and paint on a pre-stretched canvas. For the rubber stamps, I stamp them on tissue paper and then glue them down like any other piece of collage. Makes my inner control freak happy.

I've been collecting pretty fabric at yard sales all summer and Sunday I turned some of it into this little tote bag. I donated it to the breast cancer fundraiser we do at work, so some lucky person will win it in our raffle.

I've also been playing around with making these little charms and stringing them on necklaces which will be sold as part of the breast cancer fundraiser. Can I just say how much I love stamping words on washers?


Dianne Forrest Trautmann said...

Nikki! the top piece looks great. Maybe something in the center of that purple flower though, like a rhinestone or a brass button.
Congratulations on keeping up with the challenge. I've been struggling the last few days to keep up with it (I will use the excuse of being tired of unpacking boxes!).

Jennifer Richardson said...

love it; your diversity is endearing:)

MulticoloredPieces said...

It seems that your 30-day challenge is very effective. You have such a nice range of work/play to show for it. Are you planning on doing it again? Love your tote bag and the fabric--nice gathering!
best, nadia

Jennifer Richardson said...

hey there friend,
just stopping by to let you know
how much you're missed....I enjoy your posts and hope you're feeling up to blogging again soon:)
Cheering wildly in your corner,

ShaunaArt said...

I love the word Hope on the washer, very simple andlovely
also I like your idea of theCRAP QUotient - I too am doing a daily creativechallence and there is a lot of crap!