Sep 13, 2011

Back on the wagon: Day 12

Not much to show for days 8 - 11 as my creative time was limited to looking through books and letting ideas marinate. My friend Dianne says sometimes making art is more of an internal process. I'm going with that.

I got back to physical art making last night as I started messing around with these little pieces of wood I had covered with plaster a couple of weeks ago, inspired by this beautiful book.

The madonna piece started with a Holy Toast stamp pressed into the wet joint compound. Yesterday I carved into the dry plaster and added some paint. Needs more work but I'm not sure what.

The flower is a first attempt with encaustics. Clearly I need WAY more practice/instruction if I'm ever going to do much with this medium. I'll probably scrape this off and try again. But I'm posting a picture because it's a great example of another benefit of the 30 days of creativity plan: the crap quotient.

The crap quotient is the idea that making some really crappy art is an important part of learning and growing as an artist. When you're committed to making something every day, it's so much easier to accept the crap quotient. It's just part of the rhythm of daily making, rather than a frustrating "waste" of precious creative time.


Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this.
I tell my students
(and myself)
"anything worth doing
is worth doing badly
at first" freeing,
isn't it!
I grew up under such HUGE
pressure and perfectionism
(anything worth doing is worth
doing well) and it used to just
strangle me.
I love coming into gentle freedom
from heavy expectation
....releases so much creativity!
awesome share,

Dianne Forrest Trautmann said...

Nikki! Looks like it was worth the wait. There are no mistakes in art play, just experiments. I think the doing is important, no matter what actually comes out. It's a journey to somewhere interesting, and these are just steps along the way.