Dec 31, 2011


Waaaaaaaayyyy back in September when I finished up my 30 Days project, I had no intention of taking such an extended blog break. Sheesh!

See, I took pictures to share!

And I even made some art. I just never got my butt in the chair to actually share stuff with you.

All is well here. It was a happy, busy fall, full of art and work and football and fun. Much to my surprise, I chose to bring some new friends into my life. I'm still adjusting to the added busy-ness that brings, but on the whole it's been delightful!

The word RELEASE has chosen me for 2012. I already started on the solstice by releasing some emotional junk I'd been holding on to much too tightly. It feels wonderful! RELEASE has so much potential. I think it will be a good word and a good year.

I'm ready to fly into the new year. How about you?


amanda said...

Cheers to RELEASE! May your year make you free-er.

Anonymous said...

RELEASE is a word that carries so many meanings!! Whatever meaning each brings, may it give your soul ease.

Amee said...

Love the notion of release! Thanks for giving me something to ponder. Love your artwork, too, Nikki. Didn't know you were so creative!

Jennifer Richardson said...

yay!!! so good to see you back!
I wish you the sweetest release
in a gazillion ways
so that you soar free and light
and sweet
in the days to come!
bright beautiful beginnings to you,

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nikki. Glad your back for the new year! And I like your choice of inspirational word...yeah, release from all that baggage we carry around with us. Great idea. May the new year bring lots of creativity.
best, nadia