Aug 21, 2005

Phone calls from AshLee

Ash called me the other night to say "if you could see the moon right now, you'd make a quilt of it". It seems there was a lovely huge harvest moon peeking out from behind a mountain. It makes me happy that she notices beautiful stuff happening around her. It makes me even more happy that she's inspired to share it with me.

She called again today to tell us that she made the varsity soccer team at her new school. YES!! Her mom moved this summer, which means Ash has to start a new school for her senior year. I know, I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, it's a really big school and to come in as a senior with only one year of high school soccer experience and make the varsity team is a MAJOR accomplishment. It makes me happy that she's willing to work really hard to achieve something she sets her sights on.

She's a good kid, that one, making her stepmother happy like that.

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