Aug 4, 2005

Excellent mail day and some learning projects

Now that I've recovered from the Bird Incident, I'll return to my regularly scheduled blog program. I'm actually a bit behind schedule here, I've been suffering from a bad case of teenagers-hogging-the-computer.

It was actually a couple of days ago that I had my excellent mail day. It's not often that you get a fabulous piece of art AND the key to the city in the mail on the same day!

First, the art: I bought Bundle Study XVII from the superfantastic Sonji Hunt. This is my first fiber art purchase and I couldn't be happier! I LOVE this piece and really, gorgeous as it is in the picture, the picture doesn't do it justice. I didn't realize that Sonji paints all her own fabric, but wow, beyond all the cool embellishment, the fabric itself is wonderfully detailed with metallics and other little bits that just don't show up in a picture. Oh yeah, and she sent an extra piece of her painted fabric! Thanks Sonji!

OK, the key. Dave and I live in the small college town where my grandfather was a doctor for 40ish years. Both my grandparents were very involved in the community and did a lot of volunteer work, both here in Cheney and in the surrounding region. A year or two before my grandma died, they had a thing to celebrate her contributions and the mayor presented her with the key to the city. In sorting through my grandparent's things, my family decided that my husband Dave, formerly the editor of the Cheney newspaper and currently university spokesman at EWU would be the most appropriate caretaker of the key. So the other day we opened the mailbox to a whole pile of cool packages!

And now, for something completely different, I have joined the Simple Still Life project, but I'm having trouble getting the icon thingie to appear on my sidebar. I'm also working on another project with Deb Roby, working through Color and Design for Embroidery by Richard Box. This is a great book, just loaded with good information and exercises on color and design principles. And like so many great books, I've been procrastinating about working through it. So, we're starting this week with the section on texture, starting on page 44. Hopefully we'll get through a section per week and post pictures of our completed exercises.

And now it's time to go be a case manager for a while.

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