Dec 15, 2005


Reason #732 (yes, I pick the numbers at random) why I love Dave: When he asks why I asked him to buy two bananas (said bananas being on the living room floor after Pistol dismantled my still life) and I say "so I could draw them" he thinks this is a perfectly reasonable and logical answer.

Reason #435 why I love living in Cheney, Washington: There was a knock on the door last night at about 7:30. I heard music outside and thought it must be the city firemen. They have a tradition of decorating their trucks with lights and driving through the neighborhoods, blasting holiday tunes and passing out candy canes. But it wasn't the firemen, it was a group of Christmas carollers, walking through the neighborhood, singing holiday tunes and passing out candy canes. They gave us some candy canes and sang us a song. It was really lovely. About half an hour later, the firemen came by. Now we're well stocked with candy canes and warm fuzzy feelings about our town.

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Deb R said...

I pick numbers for those sorts of things randomly too. ;-) I like the numbers you picked. The music and candy sound fun.